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·韩版狗狗系列优雅单肩包 金色
·韩版狗狗系列时尚单肩包 紫色
·韩版狗狗系列甜美单肩包 粉色
·韩版狗狗系列甜美单肩包 金色
·韩版狗狗系列甜美单肩包 粉色
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所属类别: 通用包 » 运动包
商品货号: RDF987
商品品牌: 苏格贝
商品特性: 新品、
市 场 价: ¥33.00
本 站 价: ¥23.00
赠送积分: 23
库存情况: 有货
【名称】:[飞扬空间]韩版狗狗系列时尚单肩包 紫色

 作者:  发表时间: 2020-6-22 22:58:13
 内容:From premium cannabis oils, Lab tested, and high potency. they include Hybrid, Sativa, and India. INDICA Master Kush A crisp, earthy taste, with subtle pine notes glo extracts cartridge Gushers An immaculate recreation of the sweet, fruit-flavored timeless confection Do-Si-Dos An earthy, yet deceptively sweet, taste with intermittent floral notes that are as pungent as they are delicious Ayahuasca Purple With a particular sweetness brought about by the grape and berry heavy profile, as well as a distinct aroma that contains hints of haze LA Ultra A spicy citrus aroma that is sure to enhance any initial sensation, LA Ultra is perfect for those who want the ideal combination of lemon and lime. Humboldt Humboldt is a particularly bold blend, whose potency is equally exemplified by its pungent yet sweet aroma Merlot OG Meant to exemplify its OG hybrid parentage, Merlot OG possesses very organic woody and earthy undertones with a buttery finish. Kushadelic A floral, yet spicy, citrus aroma with an earthy natural pine-based after-taste God’s Gift A Cali Classic, God’s Gift provides the smoker with a unique aroma of grape and citrus combined with an earthy touch that makes for a very sweet yet particular taste. Blue Diamond Earthy and sweet, with a notable blueberry after-taste Endless Sky A sweet berry-infused taste with a buttery finish gives Endless Sky a unique profile that is always worth a sample Platinum OG Earthy and organic flavor, characterized by its pine-heavy aroma HYBRID Gelato A profile that is heavily fruit-laden, with a particular citrus twist, Gelato consistently earns its namesake Sunset Sherbert A strain with a powerful candy-like smell and a sweet citrus after-taste Wedding Cake An earthy and incredibly sweet blend of vanilla mixed together to create a perfect plethora of flavors Blue Dream A sweet berry aroma and a burst of blueberry flavor for the palate is what you can expect with this all-time classic strain Dopium A highly unique spicy and floral aroma with a dominant citrus flavor profile LA Sunshine A citrus aroma that is perfectly complemented by an earthy and nutty flavor Cali Gold Clean herbal aroma with light earthy-citrus waves Space Candy Sweet candied-apple and cherry flavor, with minimal earthy notes Dank Sinatra A sweet berry flavor with subtle cheese-like notes SATIVA Strawberry Cough The delicious aroma of strawberries with an identical taste to match, this classic is sure to be a delightful treat when all is said and done Grape Lemonade The name explains it all, a sweet blend of grapes and various berries with a citrus twist that makes this profile an ideal palate-pleaser at any given time Jamaican Dream An exciting and provocative blend of flavors that includes an earthy combination of citrus and coffee Alaskan Thunder Fuck A plethora of flavors that creates a profile that is both earthy and piney, but with a slight lemon and menthol twist Buddha Haze A profile that is one of a kind because of the unique manner in which it combines mango and spice with various subtle earthy floral notes. LAMB’S BREAD This classic strains profile has a pungent earthy and woody blend that is highly reminiscent of its Jamaican Lodi Dodi This strain carries a particular sweetness that is brought about an array of tropical fruit flavors combined with various floral notes, that is complemented by an earthy citrus finish Blucifer A distinct blend of blueberries and cream with a spicy floral finish Sour Diesel An outstanding recreation of the classic strain’s pungent earthy profile

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